Management, Career, HR Events 2022-2023

For a long period of time, the characteristic features of an employee's career have been full, long-term and guaranteed employment, a permanent profession and a commitment to one company throughout their working life. Organization played a leading role in his professional development, in determining the direction and pace of career growth: the career was programmed by the entire state system.

Today's labor market offers many more opportunities for choosing the trajectory of professional development and job promotion. A career today cannot be scheduled for many years ahead: there are too many factors of uncertainty, the competition in the labor market has sharply increased. Today, such qualities as professional mobility, career flexibility and adaptability, and a willingness to surrender to work are in demand.

The rapid development of the economy is changing typical career trajectories: workers more often change jobs, more often move from one field of activity to another. Today, they are ready to take on increased personal responsibility for the implementation of their career goals. An employee's career dynamics is increasingly determined by how successful his collaboration with the company is in this area. It is no longer only about career planning, but, more broadly, about career management, career management. The role of the HR manager is to provide conditions for more effective adaptation of employees to the changing needs of the company, timely informing them about career opportunities, determining the need and timing of retraining and advanced training. The HR manager acts as a career tutor (mentor) and coach (consultant). In interaction with employees, he takes a partner position - he helps to increase the level of competence and is actively involved in the construction and implementation of an individual career concept.

Even at the stage of selecting an employee, the HR manager can preliminary assess his career potential. To do this, according to the resume submitted by the applicant, the dynamics and direction of career and professional growth are analyzed, clarifying questions are asked during the interview, and a targeted questionnaire is conducted.

Management, Career, HR events 2022

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
25.07.2022 Annual International Conference on SMEs Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Management Marketing Economic Social Aspects (Greece) 2022 Athens, To be clarified
15.08.2022 ADM STEM in Defence Summit 2022 Brisbane, Emporium Hotel South Bank
20.08.2022 International Conference on Marketing Finance HR and Social Science 2022 Barcelona, Salles Hotel Pere IV
27.08.2022 Jobmesse Berlin 2022 Berlin, Arena Berlin
04.09.2022 Washington International Strategic Leadership Conference 2022 Greenbelt, Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC/Greenbelt
05.10.2022 Salon RH Suisse 2022 Geneva, Palexpo
08.10.2022 Jobmesse Nurnberg 2022 Nuremberg, Event Palace - Nuremberg Airport
09.10.2022 Job Fair For International 2022 Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage
12.10.2022 HR Expo Tokyo 2022 Tokyo, Tokyo Big Sight - International Exhibition Center
16.10.2022 VEF Turkey Hybrid Student Recruitment Fair 2022 Istanbul, On-Line