Medical & Pharma Events 2021-2022

PDA Europe - Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products 2021

Berlin, Germany

PDA Europe - Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products 2021, the rise of tissue engineering at the turn of the century led health authorities around the world to consider the need for specific legislation to clarify how they would be regulated

Biologics Manufacturing Korea 2021

Seoul, South Korea

In The Biologics World Korea you will know about Reducing the timelines and need for efficient screening technologies and monitoring bio processes, Technical and economic viability of using a single-use bio manufacturing facility and Designing and automating quality control during scale-up and process change, and more

IFAH 2021

Las Vegas, USA

IFAH 2021 is one of the world's top healthcare conferences

Age3 Trade Fair 2021

Lyons, France

Age 3 will be a congress designed for professionals from public, private and associations for the elderly (EHPAD) and CCAS, local authorities

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