Medical & Pharma Events 2022-2023

MEDIZIN Expo 2022

Stuttgart, Germany

MEDIZIN Expo 2022 is one of the most important professional and continuing education events in the healthcare industry due to the combination of trade fair, doctors' congress and other supporting program events

Healthy & Active 2022

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Healthy & Active 2022 brings together many exhibitors from numerous areas around health, well-being, beauty and vitality and provides them with the opportunity to present their products and products to the visitors and provide advice on a wide range of new health trends, from healthy nutrition to dental health and wellness

Clinical Audit Masterclass 2022

London, Great Britain

The Clinical Audit Masterclass will provide you with a full understanding of why a clinical audit is important to organizations, teams, and individuals

LINC 2022

Leipzig, Germany

LINC 2022 is a is an event that illustrates products like medical devices, medical innovation, medical systems, systematic scientific evaluation and interdisciplinary discussion of new methods, allowing conclusions for daily interventional practice etc

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