Vacuum Japan 2024

Vacuum Japan 2024

18.09.2024 - 20.09.2024 Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Big Sight - International Exhibition Center
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Category: Science & Research, Innovations, The Science
Organizer: Japan Vacuum Industry Association, The Vacuum Society of Japan
Exhibition center: Tokyo Big Sight - International Exhibition Center

Overview interest facts - Vacuum Japan 2024

Vacuum Show is one of the fundamental technology relating not only to semiconductor, FPD, electrics, but also to a medical instrument, analytical instrument, and furthermore, alternative energy and environmental field.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Vacuum Japan 2024

Exhibitor will showcase Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Measuring Instruments, Vacuum Parts & Materials, Vacuum Metallurgy Equipment, Vacuum Chemical Equipment, Vacuum Thin-Film Formation Equipment, Gas Analysis Equipment, Surface Analysis Equipment, Testing Apparatus, Surface Observation Devices, Other Vacuum Application Equipment and much more.


​Research team observes the processes of memory and cognition in real time

The human brain contains approximately 86 billion neurons and 600 trillion synapses that exchange signals between the neurons to help us control the various functions ...

22 January 2024
​Portable, non-invasive, mind-reading AI turns thoughts into text

In a world-first, researchers from the GrapheneX-UTS Human-centric Artificial Intelligence Centre at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have developed a portabl...

15 December 2023
​Twisted magnets make brain-inspired computing more adaptable

A form of brain-inspired computing that exploits the intrinsic physical properties of a material to dramatically reduce energy use is now a step closer to reality, tha...

14 November 2023
Newly Created Super-res Microscopy Proves Ideal for Live Cell Imaging

Researchers have developed a fluorescence microscope that uses structured illumination for fast super-resolution imaging over a wide field of view.

23 August 2023
​Free Energy Principle Predicts Self-Organized Learning in Real Neurons

Researchers have shown that the self-organization of neurons during the learning process adheres to the mathematical free energy principle.

07 August 2023
​Launch of PROSPER-H2 a industrial research chair in the field of “solar fuels”

Paris, June 2023 — ENGIE’s R&I department and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), in collaboration with the French National C...

31 July 2023
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