World Olive Oil Exhibition 2022

World Olive Oil Exhibition 2022

23.03.2022 - 24.03.2022 Madrid, Spain, Feria de Madrid
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Category: Food & Beverages, Nutritional supplements, Spices, Oils
Organizer: Pomona Keepers, S.L.
Exhibition center: Feria de Madrid

Dear users, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, World Olive Oil Exhibition 2022 may have been postponed or canceled, please visit the official website to check the latest information.

Overview interest facts - World Olive Oil Exhibition 2022

The World Olive Oil Exhibition 2022 is the biggest international trade fair totally devoted to the olive oil sector. It is mainly geared towards producing cooperatives and olive mills that seek to open new markets and exportation possibilities, as well as towards the main olive oil purchasers from around the world.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - World Olive Oil Exhibition 2022

Top rated exhibitors will gather here in World Olive Oil Exhibition and showcase products and services like olive oil, varieties of olive oil supplements, chocolates, chips, prepared foods or cosmetics, culinary demonstrations to name a few.